Simplify & Streamline
Data Engineering

Build data products with DataMorph™, the low-code/no-code data engineering platform

Technologies and Partners

Why DataMorph™?

Accelerate development of data products

Reduce cost of data product development while significantly increasing
productivity of Data Engineers and Analysts

Simple & Easy Setup

An intuitive user-friendly interface designed for data analysts, abstracts the complexity of distributed computing and Dev Ops

Flexible & Extensible

Ability to deploy and operate on public clouds and On-Premise environments; Ability to create new transformation processors by leveraging starter templates

Unifies Batch & Streaming

Ingestion and transformations are enabled by Delta Lake architecture thereby eliminating complexities of Lambda architecture

Simplifies Orchestration

Built on Airflow, DataMorph™ makes it very easy to build, run and observe data workflows


Getting Started

DataMorph is a Low-Code/No-Code data transformation platform, which is simple, flexible, and extensible to build data driven use cases and  data-powered products in weeks rather than months. This video shows how to get started with DataMorph.


Known as the right to erasure, GDPR and other compliance standards like CCPA gives individuals the right to ask organizations to delete their personal data. The video showcases handling GDPR or CCPA deletes with DataMorph.


This video demonstrates how we can use DataMorph to handle efficient upserts (Updates or Inserts) with DataMorph and Databricks Delta. This avoids reading entire tables and then overwrite them.

Use Cases