Transform Data at Scale with DataMorph™

Unlock your business insights using our Low-Code/No-Code data transformation platform

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Why DataMorph™?

Accelerate your Big Data adoption with DataMorph™

Our clients have reduced costs related to Big Data development, and significantly increased productivity of Data Analysts and Data Scientists

Simple & Easy Setup

An intuitive user-friendly interface designed for data analysts, abstracts the complexity of distributed computing and Dev Ops

Flexible & Extensible

Ability to deploy and operate on public clouds and On-Premise environments; Ability to create new transformation processors by leveraging starter templates

Unifies Batch & Streaming

Ingestion and transformations are enabled by Delta Lake architecture thereby eliminating complexities of Lambda architecture

Simplifies DevOps

Enables alerts and notifications to industry standard monitoring tools such as Datadog, InfluxDB, Prometheus, JMX,among others, or easily develop custom integrations